Facility Services:

Please remember that this is a privately owned campground. The campground owners and employees are not responsible for accidents or injuries to campers, guests or their property or the loss of valuables of any kind. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to interpret and enforce all the rules for the benefit, security and safety of all.

Management reserves the right to evict any and all violators of the Rules and Regulations without refunds and to remove persons or animals which are considered detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of management or others using the campground and facilities. It is further agreed that any breach by the camper or camper's guests of the Rules and Regulations shall constitute grounds for immediate eviction from the campground with no refund of fees.

Photos, video, and other media taken during your stay may be used in promotional pieces.

  • Garbage: PLEASE RECYCLE!! Bins are available as you exit the park, please put all aluminum cans in trailer at garbage area. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Firewood is available at the Office/Store, $6.00 per bundle. We deliver if requested. If you do bring in your own wood, PLEASE make sure it’s firewood from within 10 miles of the property and NOT from quarantined areas. DNR-Firewood Map Insects and diseases are easily transported in and on firewood. This could have a devastating effect on the property for the next generation of campers.
  • Ice is also available at the Office/Store, 6 lbs for $2.00 | 20 lbs for $6.00. We deliver if requested.
  • Please, no smoking in or near the Laundry Mat, Restrooms, Office/Store, Canteen or building entrances.
  • The laundry mat is located at the south shower building (office side of campground). Hours 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Washers $1.25, $1.50, Dryers $1.25
  • Shower buildings are located at each side of the creek, both are open 24 hours. Showers are free (5 minute time limit). Please respect others by cleaning up after yourself. Please assist and supervise children.
  • Water balloons: Please pick up & dispose of broken balloons.

2018 Campground Policies

  • Vehicles: You are allowed two vehicles per site. No parking on roads. Every vehicle must display a car pass.
  • Fresh water hose: Each camper is required to have a White RV Hose
  • Speed limit: 5 MPH. There are many children in the park and people walking, please obey the 5 mph speed limit!
  • Quiet time is between 10:30 p.m. - 8:00 AM No loud music or parties!
  • Bicycles/skateboards/scooters/rip sticks/ect.: Must be put away at dark.
  • For safety reasons no motorized scooters/motorized vehicles/mini-bikes/ATV’s/fireworks, etc. allowed in the park.
  • Golf carts: Drivers must show valid drivers license and have proof of insurance. Unlicensed driver’s are not allowed to operate carts on O’Neil Creek Campground property. Driver MUST provide valid driver’s licensed when requested. Young adults that have received their learner’s permit (temps), may drive with a licensed driver (ie. parent), seated in the front seat. Licensed driver must be at least 18 years old.
  • NO DRIVING GOLF CARTS FROM Midnight - 6:30 a.m.
  • Security: security is provide on the weekends. Call 715-829-2267 for security.
  • Clothes lines: Not allowed.
  • ALL VISITORS must register in the office and receive a car pass. Day time passes are valid until 10:30 p.m. Every vehicle must display a car pass. RATE: $3/adult/day or $6/adult/overnight, children 0-17 are free accompanied with adult.
  • Any person (adult or child) found stealing, damaging any property, dealing with drugs, causing injury to another, etc., will be evicted from the campground immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS! Parents will be prosecuted for damages.
  • Pets: Pets are allowed in the park. All Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Pets must NEVER be left alone. The owner is also responsible for cleanup & keeping his/her pet quiet. If management has to warn anyone more than once you will be asked to remove pet or leave your pet at home. Please respect your neighbors. All pets must have current rabies shot. Owners must be able to provide proof of shot records upon request. Pets are not allowed in any buildings on the property or on the beach, with the exception of service dogs. No aggressive breeds.(Pit Bull, Rottweiler & Doberman's, Etc.)
  • Playgrounds: Children must be supervised at all times. All children should be off the playground & back to their sites by 10:30 p.m. We are not responsible for injuries or accidents.
  • Fires in fire rings only/please do not move fire rings.
  • Each site has a picnic table, please do not move tables from site to site.
  • Please keep your site clean of trash and litter.
  • Golf carts are the ONLY motorized vehicles allowed at OCC. We have carts available for rent during your stay, please contact the office for more information and pricing. You may bring in your own electric or 4-stroke golf cart…a trail fee of $25 for the season and proof of insurance is REQUIRED to operate your cart on OCC property. ATV’s, 4-wheelers, Gators, side-by-sides, etc. are NOT allowed in the park.