Seasonal Rates

Having a permanent seasonal site will make you SO happy! You can stay every night or weekends.

You won't have to pack your camper and haul it ever again.

OCC is a FAMILY Campground!

OCC has 270 seasonal sites. Their site could be the largest, smallest, with sewer or without, furthest or closest away from everything, on the creek, or DOESN'T matter! Everyone loves their site. It is the feeling that is created when you're here. The beauty of the park, the amazing scent, the people, the activities, the owners and staff. These are the things that make OCC the greatest piece of paradise on EARTH! OCC has become a small community. Many seasonal campers become the best of friends. They share their lives not only in the summer, but all year. These campers go out of their way to help and make a difference for each other, AND campers here just for the weekend.

It's true, most have a golf's a big park...104 acres! But walking, running, biking and hiking works too.

Your kids will LOVE swimming in the natural creek and participating in OCC activities.They will make lifelong friends and memories.

A seasonal camper requirements: pay your rent, keep your site nice and tidy, respect your neighbors, register ALL visitors and use/return your 2 free rotating visitor passes, follow the rules and policies and be prepared to have FUN!

Let us do the rest....improvements, grounds keeping, housekeeping, security, stocked store and activities!

  • Season is from April 15th to October 15th
  • Two vehicles per site, do not park on other sites or the road
  • One additional camping unit per site (Additional $25)
  • $500 deposit due Oct. 1 in order to secure your seasonal site for following season
  • Receive $100 discount if paid by Dec. 1st of current year. No exceptions.


(Due Oct. 1st, 2023)


(Due April 1st, 2024)

Total (2024)


(Deluxe Seasonal Site)


Receive $100 discount if paid by Dec. 1st of current year.

April 15 - Oct. 15, 2024 Season